Our Services

Our Service Offering:

Core Services - Our portfolio includes services designed to meet the needs of both corporate and individual customer:

  • Leasing – Sourcing and negotiating the lease or rent of suitable premises for commercial and residential clientele.
  • Sales – Working on behalf of private and commercial clients to identify suitable properties and developments for purchase; negotiating advantageous terms and assisting in arranging property management services
  • Re-sale – Arranging for advertising and negotiating sale of properties

Our Standard Service for Landlords and Tenants includes:

  • List of Services and Commission Rates,
  • List of additional services that can be arranged
  • Database Registration and Access,
  • A Personal Agent for your specific geographic Area and/or Business need
  • Initial Viewings support and relocation advice from your assigned personal agent,
  • References can be provided where required

Additional Services that can be provided by arrangement include

  • Relocation Support - Assisting families relocating to the UAE. E.g. arranging tenancy leases sourcing schools and educational options; providing introductory tours of the city; and acting as a first point of contact between expatriates moving to Abu Dhabi and local service providers.
  • Interior Design – Providing expert advice for design and furnishing whether for “furnished rental” or “buy to own”
  • Contract Advice. – We have an exclusive association with a professional contracts consultant who will review and advise on any contractual issues related to rental agreements and sales contracts.
  • Property Management – Proving a service to deal with the complete management of the letting and operating of your investment whether on furnished or unfurnished including contract services in respect of

Service Levels and Prices tailored to the Client Need - we have three levels of customer service and pricing, tailored to meet the needs of different customer groups. These are detailed in our attached service and pricing matrix Where needed we are happy to discuss details. In brief, these service levels are as follows:
  • Vesta VIP – Aimed at in-country, international or senior executives who are short on time, and seek a personal and high level of support from our agents with limited or no knowledge of Abu Dhabi
  • Vesta Corporate – A level of service open to corporate clients who are assuring us of regular business. Many VIP options are available to staff and prices on selected services are negotiable
  • Vesta Commercial – Aimed at the company seeking Office or commercial premises where more time and research support is necessary from our agents